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Kirstin W. Everton

My 9 year old daughter is obsessed with fidget toys and is quite fussy. She liked the design of this but the jury was out until she actually got to test it out. It’s a hit! She played with it solidly for over an hour before coming to give me her review! She loves both sides – one gives a satisfying pop and the other is softer but still good, she says.

Helen Jonsey Jones

This is a real quality man toy. It is a lot stronger than my previous and there is no danger that it will snap if I swat it too hard. It doesn’t just sizzle flies a bit it explodes them!!! I went through a swarm of mosquitoes in my garden and it fried the lot in seconds. Just swished it back and forth and there were bits of exploded fly everywhere. Hours of fun! Not sure what the light is all about but who cares when it fries this good. Just be careful you do not whack the light bulb…they tend to break!

Lord Buckley

Excellent and very soft. It’s so life like and has a nice smell of catnip
Once my cat comes home I’m sure it won’t be long before she destroys it. Very well made and the mechanism inside makes the tail waggle side to side or hold the tail and the. The head and body wobble side to side.
The fish is fully recharged by the micro usb cable that is supplied. So no running up big bills for batteries.
This is a fun item and I’m sure that children would like the fish too
I would definitely recommend this 10/10